Target Engagements from 200-1,200 Yards!!!
Average Target Distance of 590+ Yards!!!
Over $1,300 CASH + PRIZES paid to TOP 15 Marksmen!!!



Steel Marksmanship Challenge

1st Place Marksman
 (MSRP $x,xxx.00)

2nd Place Marksman – TBD
3rd Place Marksman – TBD
4th Place Marksman – TBD

*ALL Registered Marksman MUST be 21 or older and able to pass a background check
in order to claim potential prizes. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of prize(s)!!!

Steel Marksmanship Challenge Rules and Regulations!!!

All contestants must be 21 years of age or older to compete in the Challenge and may be required to show valid ID proof of age at time of Check-In. Late Registrations done online after May 15th, 2016 may be subject to a $25 late registration fee for all registrations submitted AFTER 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 15th, 2016.

All registered contestant slots will be filled based upon the order in which their Registration Fees are paid in full either online or by phone. We will be accepting ONLY (50) Marksmen and (15) Reserve Marksmen slots for this event in case of cancellations or missed attendance. Please Note: all Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE! Reserve Marksmen Registration Fees will be due in full immediately upon notification of an attendance cancellation.

All contestants are REQUIRED to sign a release of liability waiver prior to being allowed to compete...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

This contest is a non-sanctioned, no membership required, and is open to all contestants of any rifle/handgun discipline level(s) including beginner, amateur, intermediate, advanced, professional, or expert marksmanship classifications.

Currently, we have NO shooting aids or gear equipment restrictions for any of the following but not limited to items: supressors, range finders, optics, shooting monopods, bipods, or tripods, chassis configurations, or any other electronic devices or accessories that may be used during the course of competition pending time allows for the use of each during individual shooting stage(s).

The upmost respect and Sportsmanship will be given to all RO's, Marksmen, Sponsors, Spectactors, and Range Facilities and/or Land Owners and these rules will be strictly adhered put on your game face and leave the whining and temper tantrums at home! Additionally, a reduction in points from your shooting scores and/or disqualification from the event may also be assessed for any unsportsmanlike act(s) and/or behavior(s).

All facitilies and land will be enforced with the "if you packed it in, you pack it out!" policy...we are all sportsman and we want to retain excellent relationships with all whom allow to conduct these events on their land and/or at their facilities.

The following restrictions will apply for this contest: No FULL AUTO firearms, armor piercing or incendiary ammunition rounds, and no calibers smaller than .223 REM or exceeding .300 WIN MAG.

The order in which squads and/or contestants will compete in the competition may be determined by a drawing of numbered tickets from a "hat" during the Range Debriefing taking place on Friday night if a volunteered order is not established first. The order in which a contestant’s ticket numbers are drawn may establish the order of the contestants.

In the event of a tie(s), a series of sudden death matches may be conducted between the tied contestants until a place finisher is determined.

This contest will be conducted within compliance of all applicable Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations.

Any contestant(s) that are found to be in any way acting in a dangerous or unsafe manner will be immediately eliminated from the competition and will be asked to leave the premises of the competition.

All Entry Registration Fees collected for this Steel Marksmanship Challenge will go toward all applicable range/land fee cost(s) for all contestants participation in this contest as well as, but not limited to, any additional administrative, advertising, staffing, awarded prize(s), or any other cost(s) associated with the hosting or sponsorship of this event.

Please help us to make this an extremely fun, but yet SAFE event for everyone involved.

Steel Marksmanship Challenge Details

...Briggsdale, CO...
...Calibers Limited to .223 to .300 WIN MAG...
...Max Muzzle Velocity of 3,200 fps...
...Friday Varmint Shoot & Practice - ~100 rounds
...Saturday Max Round Count - ~100 rounds
...Beginner or Professional...ALL WELCOME...
...NO Armor Piercing or Steel/Tungsten-Core Ammo!!!...

Saturday Lunch Provided By: Broken Box R LLC

Let The Bullets Fly!!!

    5th Place - $350
    6th Place - $263
    7th Place - $197
    8th Place - $148
    9th Place - $111
10th Place - $83
11th Place - $62
12th Place - $47
13th Place - $35
14th Place - $27
15th Place - $20

Steel Marksmanship Challenge Specifics

...Target Engagements from ~200-1,400+ Yards...
...ELR Targets and Rock Barricade Scenarios...
...Contestants will be broken down into Squads...
...Multiple Squads will compete simultaneously...
...Contestants will have (3) Minutes per stage...
...Stages will consist of (2-4) Targets per stage...
...Max Score depends on your SPEED and ACCURACY...

Range, Stages, & Targets Layout

...Shooters will compete from (2) separate Locations each for (12) Minutes STRAIGHT transitioning between (3) back-to-back-to-back Shooting Stages with up to (~20) targets each...

...All Targets MUST be engaged at least (1x)...
...Up to (15) Rds per stage will be allowed for BONUS Points...
...Targets ranging from 0.75-2.00 MOA...
...Depending on Target Size...1, 3, or 5 Pts Awarded per HIT...
...You may be penalized Pts for failure to exit shooting stages on time...


Target Engagements from ~200-1,400+ Yards!!!
Average Target Distance of 600+ Yards!!!
Over $1,300 CASH + PRIZES paid to TOP 15 Marksmen!!!